I'm a jack-of-all-trades polyglot engineer who loves taking on new challenges. In my career I've built high-quality software in Python, Java, JavaScript, Rust, Swift, and with many more tools & languages. I love finding the right tool for the right job and leveraging it to build reliable, fun-to-use systems. I spent seven years riding around the world on U.S. Submarines, and if I had to summarize what contributed most to our continued success it would be team ownership. On a submarine everyone would die a horrible death if there were a "that's not my job" attitude. I'm thankful to be at decreased risk for death at sea, but the core values I learned as a submariner make me a better software engineer. I like to work on projects where the team gives a shit, and where values like craftsmanship, empathy, and grit are pillars of success. In other words, Atomic Object.

On my team at Ford Credit I'm always working to make things better. Some of my major successes include reducing our pull-request build time by 15%, creating processes around tracking tech debt, and reducing the response time of a critical API from 4 seconds to under 1 second. These weren't work items that were handed down from project management, but pain points I identified and organized a plan to make better. I love recognizing the amazing accomplishments of my teammates, and feel real pride when my colleagues do great work. I've been on my team for 6 months, but my manager told me that she, "can't remember when I wasn't on the team." I hope in 6 months my colleagues at Atomic Object are saying the same thing.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your next Atom;

I'm looking forward to our next conversation.

Alex Launi