Leading backend & data teams at Red Ventures to build and maintain fast, available backend services, and ELT pipelines.

  • Senior Backend & Data Engineer | C#/.NET, Rust, AWS, Databricks, DBT, Scala, DevOps
    • Lead technical teams and own stakeholder communication with marketers, and business leaders.
    • Build, own and operate API servers, front-end infrastructure, and modern data pipelines.
    • Build, operate, and optimize ELT pipelines in a modern data stack.

January 2022 - Present

  • Senior Software Engineer | JavaScript, Laravel, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, DevOps, Cybersecurity, TS/SCI
    • Planned, developed, and supported the deployment of the U.S. Army Futures Command, Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) Center, Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP).

September 2021 - December 2021

  • Full-Stack Engineer | Java, Spring Boot, SQL, Vue, AI/ML, XPBuilt AI-backed personalized recommendation system helping to increase LTV of Ford Credit customers.
    • Mentored 4 software engineer interns through the planning and delivery of customer-facing software.
    • Created and maintained tests to ensure long-term software health and quality.
    • Decreased critical API response time from over 3s to under 500ms.
    • Participated in cross-team planning and incident response, increasing team autonomy.
    • Led large refactoring effort of detangling poorly performing, highly coupled classes to clean modular, and high-performing architecture.

February 2021 - September 2021

  • Navigation Electronics Technician (Submarines) First Class | Operations, AC/DC/Digital electronics, TS/SCI, Instructor
    • Direct supervisor of 5-7 sailors during overseas deployments; responsible for safe undersea navigation and all preventative and corrective maintenance for the ship's critical navigation and interior communication systems.
    • Awarded: Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal (8), Good Conduct Medal (2), 2018 USS San Francisco Junior Sailor of the Year.

August 2014 - May 2021

  • Software Engineer | Python, C++, C, JavaScript, Linux, Bash, Jenkins, Bazaar, QA, DevOps
  • Developed automated user acceptance and integration testing framework for flagship desktop product.
  • Lead transition to continuous integration development model for multiple projects.
  • Part of a scrappy, mission-driven team.

November 2010 - February 2013

  • Coursework:

    • Strategy, Accounting, Marketing, Leadership
  • Projects:

    • Solagron | Website | Marketing, Strategy, Finance
    • Helped develop a GTM strategy for a start-up spirulina producer located in Vietnam.

May 2022 - May 2024

  • Coursework:

    • Algorithms & Data structures, Distributed Systems, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Numerical Methods, Cryptography, DevOps, Databases.
  • Projects:

    • LiftRight | GitHub | Swift, Rust, Matlab, iOS, 2D Graphics, HCI, CI/CD, Kubernetes, MongoDB

    • Repetition and set segmentation algorithm for early, online identification of weight training exercises using a single sensor, and gamified platform for guiding a user into modifying their form.

    • Thematic Movie Recommendation Engine | GitHub | Python, Machine Learning, Scikit-learn

    • Movie recommendation engine based on thematic elements pulled from movie scripts. Word2Vec and TF-IDF models.

    • Trend seeking in NYC with CitiBike | GitHub | Python, Apache Spark, Big Data

    • Leveraged GIS, Citibike, and IRS datasets to identify changing trends in New York City neighborhood tax data.

  • Associations:

    • Association for Computing Machinery | National member

    • ACM-W | ODU chapter vice-president (2020 - 2021)

August 2018 - May 2021

  • Coursework:

    • Algorithms & Data Structures, Foundations of Computing, Discrete Mathematics, Calculus, Philosophy.
  • Internships:

    • Jolicloud | Paris, Fr. | Ruby on Rails, SQL, C#, Mono, Linux

    • Google Summer of Code | C#, Gtk, Mono

August 2006 - May 2010

  • MonarchBot | GitHub | Rust, CI/CD, Docker, Mailgun, Kubernetes

  • Discord bot for protecting ODU CS students from cyber abuse by verifying that members of the community Discord server have a valid @odu.edu email address.

  • Environmental Chemistry | GitHub | R, Python, React, Bash, HPC, Docker

  • Assist Hatcher Geochemistry lab group with various data analysis and visualization scripts; simple live Text-to-QR generator developed for Hatcher Geochemistry lab.